Website Development

Website Development

A successful website satisfies two needs: a client’s need to tell a story and a user’s need for information.  Effective storytelling can transform opinions, inspire action, sway minds – and even change hearts.

I design with a conversation in mind.

Be it a website, a mobile phone app or an online marketing campaign, design plays a critical role in every aspect of how we communicate in the digital realm. How it looks, how well it works, the overall user experience – all are critical components to creating and sustaining this digital dialog and creating a positive experience for your customers. I work closely with my clients to come up with creative ways to converse and connect – and motivate audiences to engage.

Why be good when you can be inspired?

I am committed to delivering more than a good design – I create inspired digital experiences. Good web design is still beautiful, but inspired web design is about capturing a user’s imagination and connecting with them on an intellectual and emotional level. When a potential customer visits your website, uses your mobile app or engages with your brand through social media, it’s inspired design that makes the difference between visiting a page and experiencing a brand. Inspired design can convert website visitors into customers and – perhaps best of all, it can turn customers into advocates of your brand.

Information Architecture – Developing a site without IA is like building a house without blue prints.

Like any major project, website design and development require careful planning. If you built a house without a plan, you could end up with crooked staircases and a kitchen on the roof – the same kind of chaos can result for a website without information architecture.I wals clients through the IA process, helping them to describe and classify their content and plan the structure that will drive the navigation for the final product – an engaging and beautifully designed website.

An art and a science.

Information architecture is equal parts art and science – information architecture and web designing must balance business objectives and constraints, content, and end user requirements to create thorough plans and designs for the best possible ways to present information.

User Experience

When it comes to the web, looks matter, but usability, efficiency and accessibility matter more.

Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works.” We couldn’t’t agree more. I understand that UX is more than skin deep. Even the most visually engaging website loses its luster quickly if it is difficult to navigate, hard to find or thin on content.

And with mobile devices taking over our day-to-day interaction with the web, users are expecting exceptional mobile experiences. The key to creating a great mobile experience is great mobile UX.

UX is about more than the user.

This is the part where strategy comes in. The “U” in UX is important, but for us, designing to our clients’ goals and business objectives is crucial to the overall online experience. Intelligent UX design is about finding the right balance between your audience’s needs and your business goals.

User Interface

If you want users to stay on your site, click through your campaign or enjoy your mobile app, you can’t afford to ignore UI design.

We’ve all been there. If you’ve ever accessed a website or mobile app you couldn’t navigate, you know firsthand that UI design is important. You also know how frustrating it can be as a consumer to interact with a device or online tool that isn’t designed with interaction in mind.

Engage, inform and delight

Good websites, interactive campaigns and applications inform and engage, but great ones delight. A solid UI design will help you bridge that gap. Designing an effective user interface isn’t easy, but it’s absolutely critical to creating memorable experiences for your audience. Our team of designers is experienced in user-centered design methods and will ensure that your next interactive project wows your audience.

Keep evolving

I have learned from experience that there is no greater predictor for design success than testing, ideally before development starts. Testing designs with actual target audiences provides invaluable feedback on everything from content and the flow between screens to the usability and intuitiveness of navigation. Testing can take many forms – from small group meetings to a formal scripted format – but no one can argue the role it plays in ensuring that the final product hits the mark.


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