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Social Media is here to stay. It’s the new word of mouth machine that drives customer perceptions and purchasing decisions.  Your business needs to be actively involved in the conversation.

Here’s a few ways Social Media can work for you:

Social Media Management Across Multiple Platforms

It all starts here.  We establish your presence on those social networks that will provide the most benefit to your business.  Options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, FourSquare and many others.

Social Media Consulting That Turns Fans Into Customers

Lets develop a social media campaign that works specifically for you,  planing and executing a strategy that will not just bring in fans, but will generate real leads and build brand loyalty.

Publish Fresh Interactive Content Daily

Making the most of social media requires regular activity.  I’d develop a sustainable and refreshing communication plan for you so you can focus on running your business.

Custom Campaigns Utilizing Facebook Applications

Take your Facebook page to another level of professionalism.  Facebook applications greatly enhance the look of your site and add another level of interactivity for your customers.  Run polls, add coupons, and embed your YouTube videos and Pinterest images directly into your Facebook page for easy access.

Social Media Marketing Turns Prospects Into Customers

Social networking isn’t just about talking.  It’s about generating leads for your business.  I’d develop a sophisticated lead capture campaign that involves not just fans or tweets but also include e-mail addresses, names and addresses of prospects, as well as cellular phone numbers.  This data is then provided to you so that your business can turn prospects into customers.

Social Media Marketing Agency That Provides Analytics

Gathering business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements.  We can capture what customers like, share, and retweet.  We see who and where they are.

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