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Once upon a time Multimedia meant boys with thick glasses and pocket protectors who brought loud, clunky 16mm projectors into a classroom. Now there’s not a person in the online who doesn’t connect with multimedia in one way or another. From movie screens to PowerPoint presentations, from interactive kiosks in shopping malls to splashy pages of color and motion on the web, Multimedia is now part of our everyday lives.

I offer a complete range of visual effects, animation and interactive media. My specialty is the kind of media that will inform your audience, engage your clients, and inspire your staff.

Visual FX: From repairing a mistake in a video to making the unreal real, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) opens doors into unexplored new worlds, illustrating your story in whole new ways. We wield a varied palate of tools to produce 3d animation and 3d illustration, CGI, product visualization, special effects, and more.

Interactive: Draw your audience into your story by making them a part of it. From presentations to the Internet, Lets develop ways to bring power and impact to your message for kiosks, presentations, training and e–learning scenarios, and Flash media.

Special Projects: Lets develop you bespoke requirements, and branch out into areas previously not thought of as territory for an advertising or communication.

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