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Oando PLC


Oando PLC is one of Africa’s largest integrated energy solutions providers with a proud heritage.
Oil and Gas energy group, Oil Exploration and Production, Gas & Power, Oil Marketing, Energy Resources, Supply and Trading.

Capacity of Project Involvement: 

Resident Webmaster

The Brief:

  • Site must run on a fully functional CMS, with efficient content administration
  • Incorporate Social Media as a means of engaging stakeholders
  • Completely refresh the Investor Relations section of the website
  • Efficient media management
  • Feedback modules (RSS Feeds, Contact forms and IR contact modules)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web analytics
  • Increase brand awareness and reinforce current brand strategy
  • Enable the company gain competitive advantage
  • Make all public relevant information available to the general public online
  • Make the company’s financial information available to the relevant publics
  • Revamp existing website, creating a more engaging user experience and user interface

Target Audience

  • Prospective local and foreign investors
  • Government/Industry regulators
  • Fund Managers
  • Media
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

Website Aesthetic Requirements

The website should be attention-grabbing, well designed, fresh and user friendly. Colours and pictures used should be stunning and eye catching as well as achieve the objective of portraying the strong Oando brand as youthful, colourful and energetic, achieving a consistency with the Group’s key messages and overall story. The website should look corporate, clean and simple and also be easy to use and navigate, and in line with the company’s brand guidelines, particularly the homepage.

 Website Functional Requirements

It was required that the website is a content management system that allows to create and edit content, and add custom features and personalize the site look and feel. It can be further expanded with addition of modules and tailored with custom graphics and layouts in the form of skins. Modules in terms of added functions, which will come as default and which we will be requiring over our evolution of use.


Unotech Media – www.unotechmedia.com
Oando Communication Team

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Developed in 2011



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